Yonwoo/PKG's popular Refillable EZ Airless Series expanded

Yonwoo/PKG continues to expand their catalog of sustainable packaging solutions to fulfill every customer need. Their innovative and refillable EZ Airless Series just got better- a 100 ml size is now available. 

The popular EZ Airless Series features a refillable bottle made of PP/PE. Eco-conscious consumers love knowing that there is a 66% reduction in plastic use when the refill is used instead of purchasing an entirely new bottle. 

It couldn’t be more convenient to refill the bottle. Simply rotate the bottom of the package to slip out the old inner bottle and replace it. This keeps the pump inside the bottle, making the refill process clean and safe. 

With a new larger size bottle, the EZ Airless Bottle can be used for even more products. It’s great for creams, leave-on masks, suncare, and more. Contact Yonwoo/PKG today to learn more about the EZ Airless and the company’s other airless and refillable packaging solutions.

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