Meet the Updated Sustainable Paper Point Neck Airless

Less Plastic and more sustainable- this is the future of skin care and cosmetic packaging. Yonwoo/PKG continues to lead the way with its updated Paper Point Neck Airless Bottle.

The new Paper Point Neck Airless Bottle from Yonwoo/PKG uses up to 44% less plastic compared to the existing model. The outer paper bottle replaces additional plastic, while giving the product an environmentally friendly look that appeals to the growing number of eco-conscious consumers.

The bottle stays hygienic as an airless bottle minimizes formula residue. The inner bottle, cap, and pump are all made from highly recyclable PP plastic. It is simple to assemble, take apart, and recycle the bottle. 

The clamping structure is adhesive-free, which makes it easy to separate the inner plastic bottle from the outer paper covering. Without using adhesive, the amount of chemicals and materials used in the production of the bottle is further reduced. 

This sustainable airless bottle is available in 50ml and 100ml. This eco-friendly Airless Bottle is ideal for skin care products, including serum, essence, emulsions, boosters, creams, and more. Different styles are available depending on paper types. 

Contact Yonwoo/PKG to learn how to transform your skin care products into a sustainable line.

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