Refillable Medi LAB Airless Ampoule with Screw Top

Yonwoo/PKG is continuously updating its offerings to make existing packaging solutions more sustainable, easier to use, and useable for a wider variety of applications. Now the Medi LAB Refillable Airless Bottle is available with a consumer-friendly screw top. 

Previously, the Medi LAB was only available with a metal foil seal. To better meet all its client’s needs, Yonwoo/PKG has added a new screw cap option that doesn’t surrender any of the protection for fragile formulas. 

This petite Medi LAB Refillable Airless Bottle 10ml airless bottle with a screw-top makes a lasting impression with its cosmeceutical-like ampoule design. 

The airless bottle minimizes formula residue and keeps the pack clean. The self-supportive dual bottle looks sleek when topped with a pump dispenser. Refills are easy to snap into the outer bottle and save plastic usage. 

Contact Yonwoo/PKG today to complete your cosmeceutical line. 

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