Multifunctional Packaging

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Multifunctional packaging allows companies to differentiate their products through innovative packaging and dispensing systems consisting of multiple products or application types. These convenient packages can house multiple formulas or utilize a dual applicator, which helps simplify the consumer’s routine and replaces the need for a secondary component, thus creating less waste during the consumption process. These types of packages are often applied with a two-step treatment process, reducing the need for users to carry multiple packages.

Yonwoo/PKG offers multifunctional packages for skincare, beauty, and healthcare markets covering airless, droppers, sticks, and applicators. They also have an expert team of engineers ready to design your perfect multifunctional package!

Check out the Double Ends, which house and dispense two formulas separately from the same package! This all PP system comes in four different capacities and is fully recyclable when paired with our Bellows Engine! Also is our Dual Cap + Dropper, a 30⌀ tube that houses a low viscosity formula that is dispensed through a dropper tip. What makes this dropper so unique is it’s flip-top cap which holds balms.

Looking for multifunctional makeup packaging? Featured in the video below are the Multi-Use and Two-Way Applicator Tube, which both pump products through a doe-foot applicator to an airless pump and sponge applicator, respectively!

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