Let’s Talk About Tubes!

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Yonwoo/PKG is excited to share its updated, fully searchable, tube catalog launch featuring everything from basic screwcap to airless applicator tubes! Read all about the specialty tubes and their various benefits below or jump right in and begin exploring!

Tubes have been one of the most-loved packages for beauty and personal care brands in the last decade, but what makes them so unique? The popularity of these packages comes from their versatility and ability to meet a wide range of needs for both producers and consumers.

Yonwoo/PKG is proud to offer over 150 different options of stock basic, oval/square, applicator, and specialty function tubes available with airless pumps, screwcaps, and flip-top closures. The tubes are available in fill capacities ranging from 10ml to 200ml and come in a variety of lengths and diameters.

Basic tubes give consumers the ability to dispense any desired amount of product, which can be vital for some uses, but what about the more sensitive formulas that might damage the skin if overused? For products that require a specific dosage, metered-dose airless tubes are a great solution.

Airless pumps dispense a fixed amount of product, making them suitable for dermatological products like serums or ointments. Some consumers might even prefer metered-dose airless to avoid dispensing excess product! Pictured on the right is just a handful of our ⌀35 airless pump tube styles.

Let’s Talk About Tubes!
From left to right: Airless Pump Mild Tube, Airless Pump Softbody Tube, Airless Pump Twitter Tube, Airless Pump Nature Curve Tube, Airless Pump Plain Tube, Airless Pump Ace Tube

Utilizing tubes can also have some sustainable benefits for your brand. These packages cost less to ship because they require little space and weigh significantly less than traditional bottles. Because of this, there are fewer carbon emissions during the shipping process and less plastic is being put into the environment. Using airless tubes rather than bottles is a great way to reduce plastic consumption while still delivering consumers the benefits of a metered-dose dispense.

Yonwoo/PKG tubes can be manufactured with multiple layers to increase barrier protection or to help achieve a specific type of look or design. The team develops two types of layered tubes, the PE tube and Yonwoo’s patented LuxeFoil tube.

PE tubes are available in one and three layers, as well as an air-blocking five-layer option for sensitive formulas. The LuxeFoil tube is a type of laminated tube with higher-quality seams and excellent formula protection. Both PE and LuxeFoil tubes can be decorated in-house to fit your desired look, with options including printing, silk-screening, hot-stamping, and more.

Yonwoo’s New Tube Manufacturing Facility

Let’s Talk About Tubes!

Yonwoo’s new, state-of-the-art tube manufacturing facility was established in Incheon, South Korea in 2016. Dedicated to molding tubes and applicators, this new plant is complete with temperature and humidity regulation and an air-shower interlock system to prevent any inflow of foreign contaminants.

With a 40% increase in production capacity, this factory has greatly improved quality and production lead times. At Yonwoo, we maintain the highest manufacturing and quality standards for tube production, and our manufacturing teams proudly hold multiple ISO certifications including ISO: 9001 for Quality Management Systems.

Looking for your ideal package? Check out Yonwoo/PKG tubes and filter our products specifically to your needs! You can also search for tubes by diameter! The fully searchable online catalog will guide you to finding your next novel pack! If you would like to learn more or request product samples, please contact Yonwoo/PKG.

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