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Dropper Tubes

One of the innovative ways Yonwoo/PKG has utilized tube packaging is with its Dropper Tube and Dual Cap Dropper. Providing an alternative to dropper bottles, the Dropper Tube poses many benefits to producers and consumers.

Dropper tubes give brands a visual edge on the shelves among the more traditional dropper bottles with their unconventional look. The tube’s design is more elongated than standard bottles, providing a flatter surface for branding to be seen.

Moving away from the use of glass and more rigid materials, these dropper tubes are less fragile and therefore more portable, easily placed in toiletry bags and cabin luggage without fear of smashing. In addition, the new shape is able to hold more serum on average than previous dropper bottle packs.

The more flexible material of the tube means application becomes more effortless as users can encourage the product from the outside without the need for pipettes.

Dual Cap Dropper

Yonwoo/PKG goes even one innovation further with its Dual Cap Dropper tube. The tube holds a liquid formula such as a serum or foundation drops, and the cap has a flip-top section for solid formulas like balms! This adaptation opens up the opportunity for droppers to be paired with complementary products such as foundation with solid concealer or even facial oil with lip balm.

Yonwoo/PKG celebrates its newly updated and fully searchable tube catalog launch, adding more unique and striking tubes to its impressive collection.

The catalog sees over 150 different options of stock tubes including basic, oval/square, applicator, and specialty function tubes available with airless pumps, screwcaps, and flip-top closures. The tubes are available in fill capacities ranging from 10ml to 200ml and come in a variety of lengths and diameters.

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