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When it comes to tubes, Yonwoo/PKG offers an impressive selection of fresh and innovative tube solutions for the cosmetic, personal care and healthcare market, including airless, droppers and tubes with specialized applicators.

Amongst the collection, you will find tubes that incorporate pump head dispensers to varying effects to offer clean controlled dispensing and to enhance user experience in novel ways.

Airless Pump Tubes

Airless technology has become an industry must due to the numerous benefits for the formula and for the end user. More conventionally paired with rigid plastic bottles, when used with tubes consumers have more control over the inner formula and can reduce the overall amount of plastic needed in production.

Yonwoo/PKG offers a number of airless pump tubes in a range of unique shapes and styles such as the Flat Airless Tube, the Softbody Tube, the Square Airless Tube, depending on which best represents the brand and product. The Airless Pump Grip Tube even features an ergonomic design that better supports your grip during use. 

Pump Head Styles and Functions 

Not only can Yonwoo/PKG provide airless pump tubes in varying body styles, but you will also find a range of pump heads with unique looks and functions. The Cooling Ball Pump Tube integrates a stainless steel ball into the pump head itself, giving a cooling effect during application, and heightening the benefits of the formula. 

For targeted application, the Airless Pump Finger Button Tube is ideal as it uses a slim elongated pump tip with a finger button design for easy one-finger pressing, even from challenging hand positioning. 

The Simple Look Airless Tube uses an altogether different style of pump head, with a modern design that sees the pump head button encapsulated by a clean white shell, for a professional dermatological look. 

For more pump tubes see tubes in the catalog or contact Yonwoo/PKG for more information 

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