The Award-Winning Mono-Material Eco-Dropper

  • Yonwoo/PKG

Droppers have become an essential part of daily skincare and beauty regimes and you can find many styles on the market to choose from. Unfortunately, many of these are using or combining materials such as glass, rubber, PP or ABS for example, making the pack more difficult to recycle.

Yonwoo/PKG has developed a solution in The Eco Dropper, where the entirety of the dropper has been completed in mono-material PP. An award-winner of The Sustainable Innovation at ADF 2023 Paris Packaging Week, the Eco Dropper was recognized for its functionality and performance alongside its reduced usage of raw materials.

As well as being a sustainable option for brands, The Eco Dropper is color customizable, inclusive of the bulb, and comes in sizes 30ml and 50ml.

For more information on The Eco Dropper or sustainable solutions contact Yonwoo/PKG

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