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    3D Neopac

    3D Neopac

    Customizable seamless plastic tubes.

    3D Packaging manufactures decorated seamless plastic tubes. Quality and technology leader in India, 3D Packaging supplies the major actors of India’s health and beauty care market and exports 30% of its production to South Africa, Middle East and Europe.

    • Customizable seamless plastic tubes
    • Serving the Health and Beauty Care markets in India, Europe and the Middle-East
    • Over 100,000,000 units capacity p.a.
    • The ultimate printing technologies
    • Recognised development, quality and service



    To design a great product.

    A broad range of formats, materials, dispensing systems and decoration to create your monolayer or multilayer seamless tubes from 5ml to 250ml.

    From project start to delivery.

    • Quick and accurate technical advice
    • Professional project management
    • Europe based export services
    • Web based service platform

    We make things happen...

    • Indian company founded in 2003
    • ISO 9001/2008 & BRC certified technology leader
    • Over 100 MM units capacity
    • Serving India,  Europe and the Middle-East


    We know that design rendering is key and acheiving the best printing is therefore what we have been focusing on for the last decade. 3D  compares today with the best European vendors.