Focus on: Paper-based packaging

Paper-based packaging protects the filling material and fulfils a transport function. Whether coatings or adhesives, ACTEGA offers solutions for folded boxes, carton blister boxes and paper-based trays as well as for composite containers, board tubes and many other paper-based packaging products.

Folded Boxes

Folded boxes are a packaging type with a long history. They are of great importance to modern societies. They protect the filling material, provide a transport function, carry information and represent the brand. Folded Boxes are used in almost every product market from food, to beauty products, health, tobacco and toys, and ACTEGA has solutions for every application.


Packaging made of corrugated board does not only provide a transport and protective function. It also offers a promotional effect. ACTEGA coatings or adhesives help to enhance the quality of bag in boxes, shelf-ready packaging, displays and more.


In a sealing process, two components are combined by pressure and heat or ultrasonic sound. Discover ACTEGA’s highly specialized blister coatings with excellent sealing characteristics.

More Paper-based Packaging

Whether skin packaging, board tubes, composite containers or other paper-based packaging - ACTEGA offers the suitable product solution for customer's requirements.

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Focus on: Digitial printing solutions for labels or packaging

With a focus on innovative and high quality products, technical support and services, ACTEGA provides a broad variety of solutions for digital printing across a range of markets. Whether a company is dealing with publication & commercial, labels or packaging, a dedicated team is available including experts from R&D, technical services and product consultation. Discover ACTDigi, our first cross-company brand fully dedicated to digital printing.

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