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ACTEGA develops and produces specialty coatings, inks, adhesives and sealing compounds with a focus on the packaging, printing and medical industries. Offering high-value visual appearance to various materials, ACTEGA North America is a valued partner of the packaging and printing industry. Find out how.

UltraFlo HD water based fluorescent ink system by ACTEGA North America demonstrates just how bright, bright really is. This system will generate shelf impact and immediate appeal on any product with intense and vibrant color density.

Glitter comes in all shapes, colors and sizes, providing endless opportunities to showcase intense effects on a piece whether you desire a lavish look or are looking to evoke emotion with imagery. With superior adhesion and excellent opacity this UV coating from ACTEGA North America will allow for maximum radiance to increase shelf impact and capture the audience your project deserves.

ACTEGA North America’s Ice White UV white ink is one of the most opaque whites on the market. Its high opacity, superior strength and fast cure speed allows you to maximize the use of ink stations by not requiring multiple hits of white. The use of Ice White over foil substrates affords designers the ability to create toned effects with solid colors and transparent colors.

Too many great designs have been rejected due to the limitations inherent in old-fashioned metalizing methods. Unlike the full-coverage of foil board, MiraFoil® is spot printed, enabling metalized design elements to be placed just where you want them. It also allows overprinting with process colors; for a full spectrum of colors foils can’t match.

ACTEGA North America’s tactile coating used in conjunction ACTExact™ UV Inks generate the impact of both visual beauty and perfect sense of touch. The condensation that forms on the glass is highlighted using the tactile UV coating while the background utilizes a dull matte coating for an outstanding contrast.

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