Focus on: FDA approved coatings for rigid metal packaging

ACTEGA offers coatings, adhesives, sealants and inks for metal packaging, with a focus on options for food and beverage goods as the company is specialized in pigmented product solutions, as well as in products to be used for direct food contact (FDA approved). Specialising in products that are a combination of these two cases, ACTEGA is the perfect option for sourcing packaging. 


For general line 2-piece and 3-piece cans, as well as 3-piece aerosols, almost every color can be developed by ACTEGA. This allows for an individual product design. Whether for internal, external or side stripe, the company offers corresponding coatings and sealants (also BPA-NI) for food cans and non-food cans.


A suitable opening solution for cans makes products much more convenient and adds to consumer safety. ACTEGA's individual coatings and sealants for easy open ends (EOE), open top ends (OTE), full aperture easy open (FAEO), peel-off ends (POE) and Domes&Tops for exterior or interior provide cans with a safe closure type that is perfect for canned goods.

Portion Packs

The trend for attractive single-serve packaging keeps rising. Coffee-capsules, human-food, pet food and airline trays are some of ACTEGA's core applications. Needless to say, FDA compliant solutions are on offer for these products, and in a mulitude of color shades to make that pack even more tempting!

Decorative Packaging

Cigar boxes and decorative cans offer protection of the filling good as well as an individual design due to various shapes, colors and printing options, plus the benefit of being reused in the long term for storage in the case of particularly decorative packaging. ACTEGA's broad and diversified portfolio enables the manufacturer a simplified process whereby all required coatings and inks can be provided from the same company! Options include enamels that are compatible with UV and conventional inks, varnishes and more.

Monobloc, Tubes & Bottles

For Monobloc and Bottles ACTEGA provides internal and external coatings as well as inks. For tubes, there are coatings, internal, external and heat sealable tube compounds on offer. A full range of finished effects (including matte and pearlescent) and the new generation BPA-NI and NMP-free internal varnishes meet global Brand Owner requirements. ACTEGA has Oil-, Solvent-, UV- and water-based solutions available.


ACTEGA's solutions for drums cover internal and external coatings, inks and sealants, offering products for General Lines as well as for Food Packaging. ACTEGA's Products for drums are suitable for Roller and Spray application, with a range of characteristics and technologies on offer.

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Focus on: Digitial printing solutions for labels or packaging

With a focus on innovative and high quality products, technical support and services, ACTEGA provides a broad variety of solutions for digital printing across a range of markets. Whether a company is dealing with publication & commercial, labels or packaging, a dedicated team is available including experts from R&D, technical services and product consultation. Discover ACTDigi, our first cross-company brand fully dedicated to digital printing.

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