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MotionCoat™ is a unique technology developed by ACTEGA to create motion effects on a package. Developed by Dr. Albert Lin, the two-part chemistry is applied at line speed in Flexo or Litho press systems. The coating delivers the motion effect at a total lower cost versus traditional extruded rigid lens laminated to graphics. Brand owners and their converting partners now have the flexibility to create innovative graphic designs on paper, rigid or flexible substrates to enhance the brand and increase the shelf appeal.

Our most innovative customers are always looking for ways to bring high impact optical, tactile and functional packages to their customers – brand owners. Brands are continually looking for ways to differentiate their products on the shelf and in the hearts and minds of the consumer. It is a full time effort to seek out and develop innovations that a brand will adopt commercially.

Multi Packaging Solutions (MPS), a division of WestRock, recognized early on, the impact that the MotionCoat technology could bring to package design. MPS developed a portfolio of designs to showcase the effect for their brand owner customers. ACTEGA trained sales and estimating teams to ensure total cost of use was calculated correctly.

Greg Chup, Innovation Director, WestRock:

"ACTEGA demonstrated their commitment to product excellence by the significant contribution made to integrating the MotionCoat decorative technology into the MPS Innovation portfolio. The ACTEGA applications team spent countless hours in multiple MPS manufacturing facilities, training and educating press crews on the technical nuances associated with achieving the correct chemistry balance to yield the deliberate sense of motion and visual excitement inherent with this technology. To date, five MPS facilities have been trained and qualified to produce the MotionCoat product and the 6th is less than 90 days away. In addition to training, the ACTEGA applications team proactively participates in and supports live production runs when requested by a manufacturing site.

The MotionCoat developmental initiative has been active for the past 2 ½ years. From my perspective, ACTEGA is more than deserving of this award/recognition. An admirable characteristic of their strategic business platform is the consistent level of positive re-enforcement and “can do” spirit thru every step of the commercialization process."

Benefits of ACTEGA's MotionCoat technology for MPS

Working with ACTEGA, MPS qualified multiple plants to run the MotionCoat technology. Under the guidance of ACTEGA, standard operating procedures and checklists were developed to ensure successful qualification and startup of new jobs. MPS also developed the graphic design expertise to manage the art files to ensure success on press. MPS has effectively and successfully delivered high impact, shelf appeal for their brand owners.

The MPS customer brands found another way to bring a “first moment experience” to consumers. MotionCoat is another tool in their arsenal to bring products to the marketplace. Brand loyalty and personal connection are important values for the brand owner. For consumers, the packages are fun, unique and provide another way to connect to the products we love.

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