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The Coating Wheel© is a variation of the Packaging Wheel© that has a specific setup of benefits defined for the evaluation and comparison of ACTEGA's overprint varnish packaging coatings.

ACTEGA's coatings protect the printed product and enable a fast further processing. They also add the right visual or tactile finishing and may extend the packaging by valuable functions, e.g. barrier properties.

12 benefits highlighted in ACTEGA's Coating Wheel

The 12 benefits incorporated in the Coating Wheel include; mechanical persistence, technical standardisation, efficiency, regulartory compliance, ecology, special properties, visual impact, tactile impact, highlighting, luxury impression, natural impression and quality impression.

The blue and green colored benefits are objectively rated while the ratings of the red and orange ones are more emotional and subjective. In addition to the coating evaluation profiles, profile requirement profiles are defined for the most important categories in which the coatings are used, and both types can be matched to find the right coating(s) for an end use.

The use of the Packaging Wheel and the Coating Wheel is encouraged for the benefit of brands and for the advancement of packaging solutions in the market.

Attributes and features of evaluated items are translated into a set of benefits that are rated with values from 0 to 5. Complex information is reduced to simple visual profiles that allow to make decisions in large (interdisciplinary) teams. Evaluation profiles of coatings can quickly be compared to categrory requirement profiles to easily find matching pairs.

When the end use of a product is known, it can then be easily matched to compare its requirement profile with the evaluation profiles of different coatings. Those benefits for which the wheels and thus coating and end use perfectly match will instantly become obvious. It is also easy to see for which benefits the coating exceeds the end use requirements, as there, the outer wheel segments still appear clearly coloured. For some benefits, for example, Regulatory Compliance, it is essential that the coating matches or exceeds the end use requirements.

Partner companies and sponsors

This project has been realised under the lead of ACTEGA and pacproject with the support of KBA for the printing of coating samples, and Stora Enso for the supply of printing substrates.

The Packaging Wheel concept is copyright protected by pacproject (www.pacproject.com).

See the ACTEGA Coating Wheel in more detail.

If you have any questions or comments about the Coating Wheel in general or any specific ratings, please do not hesitate to contact ACTEGA North America.

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ACTEGA North America to feature In-mold coatings, UV ink systems, narrow web digital primers and special effects coatings at Labelexpo Americas

ACTEGA North America to feature In-mold coatings, UV ink systems, narrow web digital primers and special effects coatings at Labelexpo Americas

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