ACTEGA announces in-line primer for HP Indigo 30000 digital press folding carton production

  • ACTEGA North America

ACTEGA, a global market leader in coatings, inks and primers serving the digital print and packaging industries, has announced a new aqueous primer, ACTDigi® LEP Primer AQ1409610 for use in- line with the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press for digital folding carton production.

The ACTDigi LEP Primer AQ1409610 is scheduled for commercial availability beginning June 2019.

ACTEGA and HP Indigo collaborated closely to develop the primer to provide advantages to joint customers in regulatory requirements and customer experience. The collaboration between HP Indigo and ACTEGA provides customers first class product and service solutions for digital printing, priming and coating.

Mr. Andreas Gipp, ACTEGA Global Segment Head, Paper-based Packaging said, “Now with ACTEGA primer and ACTEGA coatings we can increase the range of application solutions for our customers. The formal introduction of this primer product underscores the ACTEGA commitment to the digital printing community.”

“ACTEGA is highly experienced in supporting applications across labels and packaging. Their expansion into validating a new primer for the HP Indigo 30000 is a natural progression of our relationship and will bring considerable benefit for our customers,” added Allon Maoz, HP Indigo Director of Supplies, Media and Materials.

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