Newly-launched dual cure flexo inks designed to improve speed and clean up

  • ACTEGA North America

ACTEGA North America has added a dual cure, UV and LED, flexo ink system to their ACTExact® family.

Designed specifically to meet the requirements of both LED and UV curing systems on press. Printers can reduce the number of ink systems on their floor without sacrificing high performance on press.

This system has shown improved press speeds due to the balanced cure speeds of all of the colors. “Some of our customers have seen increased press speeds of +200 fpm,” noted Jim Harris, North American business manager for the Labels segment.

ACTExact UV LED Flexo Ink system is formulated to reduce ink spitting and the resulting challenges. Designed for expanded color gamut printing, the system is G7 First 5.0 focused.

According to Grant Schutte, chief technology officer, “If any printer is not getting full performance out of their current energy curable system or just venturing into LED printing, they should give us a call to check out this ink system. We are really proud of it.”

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