Have you seen Acti Pack’s line of spice jars?

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Acti Pack has a versatile range of PET jars for the packaging of spices, dried herbs, salts, peppers, and more.

These user-friendly PET jars are the ideal companion for any chef, amateur or professional. They are available in a range of capacities, from 100ml to 1000ml. This makes it easy to package a standard spice jar for home-use or a larger commercial use spice jar.

With a range of different shapes and neck types, there is the perfect jar for every spice and seasoning.

Brands wanting to purchase a complete set in one order are in luck. Acti Pack’s sister company, Loire Plastic Industrie, produces dispensing closures that fit perfectly on these jars. These closures are available in a variety of customizable colors.

These jars are made in recyclable PET plastic. Every packaging solution from Acti Pack is also available in recycled PET (PCR) for a more sustainable product line.

Headquartered in France, Acti Pack is a leader in PET packaging solutions. See what other PET solutions are available in Acti Pack’s catalog.

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With €20 million turnover, Acti Pack, one of the leading European manufacturers of PET packaging for the personal care and food industries, realizes a 10% growth rate per year. September 1st saw Acti Pack inaugurate its new sales offices in Germany. The French family-owned SME, achieves more than half of its turnover at export and is well known by the German personal care and food companies. Following more than 15 years activity on the German market, Acti Pack's packaging can be found in supermarkets across Germany.

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