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    Americk Packaging (Saica)

    Americk Packaging (Saica)

    Saica Continues Growing with the Acquisition of the Americk Packaging Group

    The founding principle of The Americk Group was that we would provide all the expertise, strengths and knowledge of the small family owned businesses we acquire under one larger unified brand. The fact that despite our “Group” status we are still a privately owned business allows us to stay in touch with this principle and sets us apart from our competitors. Each company provides specific solutions to major consumer brands within every form of printed packaging and label category. The combined experience of those businesses provide an impressive knowledge bank for our customers to utilise.

    Examples of just a few of the markets in which we have business specialists are beverage, fresh produce, confectionary, health care, household products, along with many others. As we continue to expand and acquire further businesses we will also encourage the specialisms that those businesses contain in order to strengthen our offering for our our customers. By providing a framework to pool this knowledge and expertise the group makes each of our businesses stronger as a collective than they were apart under “One Unified Brand”.

    The Americk Packaging ethos is that our customers trust us to provide them with the best possible packaging to suit all of their needs. Throughout the group we embrace this message at every stage of any new product development or just as importantly, in the re-assessment of existing products, which we believe should be a continuous process.


    We do this by encompassing five clear objectives: To deliver the product to the consumer in the same condition it was packed. To maximise the lifecycle of the product and reduce waste. To make sure the packaging reinforces the products brand and message. To guarantee the packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. To ensure the packaging is practical, for packing, distribution and merchandising. This is “Our Packaging Promise”.

    At Americk it is our goal to strive to change the norm of the very traditional packaging industry. To stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, to measure ourselves, not against other packaging providers, but against companies that we believe are the best in their field. Why not measure our innovation strategy against Salesforce or Unilever? Why not measure our customer service against First direct or John Lewis? Why not measure our employee satisfaction against Google or Valve? Why not measure our green credentials against Honda or Walmart? Why not measure our operational efficiencies against Toyota?!

    For too long the packaging industry has looked internally for the standards they set themselves, because that is the way it has always been done. Well at Americk we have chosen to do things differently and will continue to do so, if you would like to work with a truly innovative and forward thinking packaging manufacturer, then work with us and “Keep It Fresh”.