Aptar CSP Technologies

Aptar CSP Technologies

Aptar CSP Technologies is a material science specialist delivering innovative, highly-engineered, active packaging solutions, that protect products.

Our company is focused on pioneering new technologies and designs that ensure product protection and enhance brand recognition.

We are a responsive, flexible partner committed to offering customers a single, reliable source for custom product design, development, and manufacturing.

Our portfolio of products falls into four categories: vials, films and blisters, molded components, and specialized packaging solutions.

Aptar CSP Technologies has developed solutions and services to address packaging concerns in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, transdermal drug delivery, food, alternative tobacco products, dry powder inhalers, and sensitive electronic components.


Aptar CSP Technologies is part of AptarGroup, Inc., a leading global supplier of innovative dispensing and sealing solutions.

Aptar CSP Technologies offers a complete spectrum of capabilities to support its customers. These range from concept ideation, to design and engineering, to product development, and ultimately high-quality manufacturing.

Aptar CSP Technologies produces a wide variety of advanced packaging solutions that extend the shelf life and ensure product stability of sensitive products. Our patented Activ-PolymerTM technology allows our portfolio to include numerous options for manufacturers to tailor a solution to their specific packaging requirements.

Aptar CSP Technologies has extensive resources, including literature, technical, and regulatory support, and world-class customer service to partner with its customers from the initial design stages straight through to commercialization.