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    Arexim Packaging

    Arexim Packaging

    Arexim Packaging, specialists in packaging for cosmetic, pharma, and household chemical products, is located in Warsaw, with stable and reliable, long-term partners located, guaranteeing an easy and safe presence in the Russian and CIS markets.

    If you are looking for a safe business partner who will support you in taking your first steps into the Russian packaging market, Arexim Packaging is exactly what you need!

    Since 1997 the company has successfully been providing high-quality solutions to the packaging industry. The Arexim team deals with manufacturers from the USA, Asia, and the EU, supplying more than 400 customers in Russia, the other CIS countries, and Poland.


    What can Arexim offer?

    • Access to the Russian and CIS markets
    • Knowledge, experience and business contacts
    • Superior quality and the safe storage of products
    • Timely deliveries and competitive prices
    • European payment standards
    • Brand promotion and brand positioning