AWANTYS extends portfolio of flexible decorations in real slate

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Under the product name AWYSLATE®, AWANTYS offers rigid and flexible decorations from real slate for primary cosmetic packaging. Facing a growing demand, AWANTYS has extended its portfolio of flexible AWYSLATE® decorations. 

With its innovative AWYSLATE® – Slate by AWANTYS – AWANTYS has achieved genuine coloured and mica slates from different materials such as glass, plastic, wood, etc. to be used as decoration for packaging components. Because AWYSLATE is composed of genuine natural slating, one can use the packaging components both for the optical as well as the tactile qualities to convey a distinctive natural image. AWYSLATE can be applied to straight as well as curved surfaces. One can therefore encase bottles, jars, etc. completely or selectively.

Browse AWANTYS's flexible slate catalog or reach out to AWANTYS for more information.

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