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    As a customer-specific deep-drawing specialist with our own toolmaking we produce packaging for the following sectors: Food-, Health-, Technical- Packaging & Capsule Systems

    Who we are


    BACHMANN FORMING develops custom-made, intelligent packaging solutions and manufactures at the highest quality level: product- and production-suited, economical and market-oriented. With packaging made in the thermoforming process, we supply food as well as non-food customers. Our company has ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental), OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) as well as FSSC 22000 (hygiene) certification.


    BACHMANN.CH is a Swiss family company seated in Hochdorf near Lucerne. Today the 50-year-old Group comprises three units which, as specialists for packing and promotional stands, have devoted themselves completely to the service of products, brands and company presentations.

    Innovation, quality and customer-orientation are today still the main business principles of both of the company founder’s sons and the 250 employees alike.



    For BACHMANN the environment has high priority. We only use environmentally friendly types of plastic and make sure that resources are dealt with sensibly. Our recycling methods undergo ongoing optimization. Along with the internal recycling circuit we offer a concept for redeeming the wastes that arise (PS, PP). The materials thus retrieved are reprocessed and reused. Moreover we gain waste heat from the production process and use it for heating purposes.

    Certificate ISO 14001 (environmental Management)


    The social aspects of sustainability are also essential, along with environmental factors. We act with integrity towards all our stakeholders and conduct our business ethically, in full accordance with our code of conduct.

    Our Products/Industries

    • Food Packaging
    • Capsule Systems
    • Healthcare Packaging
    • Technical Packaging


    Responsible Packaging

    BACHMANN FORMING AG supports its customers in achieving their sustainability targets.

    1. Reduction in raw materials
    The optimum packaging is developed by downsizing material thicknesses, design improvements and multiple use.

    2. Increase in the proportion of recycled materials
    Each Swiss produces an average of 710 kg of waste per annum. Of this, 346 kg is recycled. Depending on the application, we produce our deep drawn parts with film with a recycling proportion of up to 100%.

    3. Use of renewable raw materials
    The biodegradable bio-films consist mainly of natural fibres, sugar and starch of plant origin.
    The latest trend is non-biodegradable bio-polyester such as PlantbottleTM (Coca-Cola) that can be recycled like any other PET film.

    We will be happy to advise you! We look forward to your enquiry.

    CO2 Footprint

    Thanks to our specially-developed calculation tool, we are in a position at any time to compare the CO2 footprint of alternative packaging concepts. By means of targeted downgrading of materials thicknesses and optimising stack heights/transportation volumes, we have succeeded in constantly reducing this important index in recent years. In collaboration with myclimate we offer our customers the opportunity to compensate for the volume of unavoidable CO2 emissions in climate protection Projects.