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Berry Receives Prestigious Customer Sustainability Award from Sika Corporation for 30% PCR Container

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Berry Global recently won Sika Corporation’s first North American Sustainable Packaging Challenge. Berry’s customer, Sika, hosted a call for sustainable packaging solutions among suppliers. Berry took top marks out of a group of 20 suppliers for its proposal of a full recyclable five-gallon pail with 30% post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) featuring in-mold label (IML) decoration1.

In Berry’s proposal of including 30% PCR in the pail, the customer would realize significant carbon emissions reduction based on APR data. By making the switch, Berry’s proposed solution saves 221 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually, which is equal to2:

  • 49 passenger vehicles driven for one year
  • 511 barrels of oil consumed
  • 247,554 pounds of coal burned
  • Carbon sequestered by 264 acres of US forest in one year

"We specialize in partnerships with our customers to reach their sustainability goals. When given the opportunity to present a unique packaging solution to Sika, we were sure to make it a multi-faceted success through reductions in emissions, inclusion of PCR, and full recyclability,” said Jason Holsinger, EVP and General Manager, Containers for Berry Global.

Along with emissions savings, the pail offers the same performance as a fully virgin resin pail with no changes needed to existing operations. As a nationwide manufacturer, Berry highlighted its strategically located manufacturing footprint, near four Sika locations.

1 In-mold labels are the preferred decoration method according to the Association of Plastic Recyclers Design Guidelines.
2 https://plasticsrecycling.org/images/library/APR-Recycled-vs-Virgin-May2020.pdf
3 https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator

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