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There are many of us, especially senior citizens, that require daily medication for a variety of reasons, such as rheumatism, arthritis, heart problems, bronchitis, and other issues, and there are just as many (once again: especially seniors) that may have reduced dexterity or strength that makes it difficult for them to get to their pills or capsules when they most need it.

Neutroplast, and its subsidiary firm BeyonDevices, are leading the way in making sure that pharmaceutical packaging is a little bit easier to use for those who most need it. The company is responsible for a new "Senior Friendly" jar and closure concept specifically geared toward those that are on a medication regimen and that also cope with reduced manual capabilities.

The ergonomic shape of the jar and closure is designed to offer a better grip and leverage, making it one of the easiest solutions to open on the market. This means that just about any adult can open it, as there's no demand for excellent coordination, precision, or great squeezing strength.

The closure remains, however, child resistant. A child's hand, which is smaller, less coordinated, and incapable of effectively gripping the closure, encounters too much resistance to be able to open it. A hand which is the size of an adult's must be used to open the container, which surprisingly makes all the difference, meaning grandma or grandpa can keep his or her pills in the medicine cabinet without fear of having young ones getting at them.

Neutroplast's new Senior Friendly jars and closures are simple, safe, and easy to use for just about any adult regardless of his level of dexterity. The company's investment in the next generation of smart packaging has yielded a winner that we're sure a lot of seniors will appreciate.

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