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Pets have grown to become key members of modern families, their owners no longer buy the cheapest available food, and there is a considerable amount of trust and care that is taken into consideration before any purchase. Most pet owners are now aware of products that could compromise their partners' overall health.

Naturally, brands have shifted with the market's needs and are actively seeking safer options to pack their products. That's when BN Pack's expertise in food bags and pouches comes in handy, the company offers a wide range of packaging solutions that use a BOPP, PET, and PE-3 layer composite to create a delicate surface that's both moisture-proof and oil-proof, but doesn't require wax or any other polluting agent.

BN Pack's pet food bags also have a wide reusable self-sealing strip that's easy to use and isolates the product completely from outside impurities. Customers may also ask for heat-sealed pouches for a longer shelf-life.

Contact us now to learn more about our wide range of pouches and customization options.

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