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    Carbios is a green chemistry company dedicated to discovering and developing enzymatic bioprocesses to reinvent the lifecycle of plastics.

    CARBIOS is a green chemistry company in industrial development stage with a focus on discovering and developing enzymatic bioprocesses to reinvent the lifecycle of plastics. 

    By combining enzymology and plasturgy, a novel industrial approach, CARBIOS brings a major change to the way that plastics are produced and consumed.

    CARBIOS’ processes are based on the use of enzymes produced by natural micro-organisms, selected for their ability to degrade the polymers that make up plastic materials.Three innovative bioprocesses are under development at the company:

    1. Creation of a new generation of fully biodegradable plastics with a controlled lifespan (biodegradation)
    2. Infinite biorecycling of plastic waste enabling the production of new plastics of the same quality as the original product (biorecycling)
    3. Production of biopolymers through a new biological pathway (bioproduction)

    Since July 2012, the Company has implemented and managed a collaborative research and development project bringing together renowned academic and private sector experts, such as Limagrain, the Group Barbier, Deinove, the CNRS, the INRA, TWB and Poitiers University, under the framework of the THANAPLAST™ consortium with the support of Bpifrance.

    Today, CARBIOS is in the industrial development stage of its first biodegradation technology with the operational launch, on September 2016, of the joint-venture CARBIOLICE, created in partnership with Limagrain and the SPI fund operated by Bpifrance.

    With a production capacity of 4,000 tons per year, CARBIOLICE will operate CARBIOS’ patented enzymatic biodegradation technology by producing enzymated pellets to be used in the production of a new generation of biosourced and biodegradable plastics.

    Based in Auvergne, France, CARBIOS has been listed on the Paris Euronext Growth market (formerly Alternext) since December 19, 2013.