Weener Plastics

Weener Plastics

Weener Plastics creates, designs and produces innovative plastic packaging for personal care, food and beverages, home care and chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Weener is continuously optimizing processes to improve customer service, cost effectiveness, quality and functionality. The primary focus for Weener Plastics' products is innovative, sustainable high volume solutions. Introducing international products simultaneously on several continents is undoubtedly one of the corporate group’s strengths.

Weener Plastics' customer portfolio includes multinational and national brand product manufacturers, upstream suppliers to private label producers and suppliers of bottle and tube packaging. The requirements of small and medium-sized companies and global players from different industries and segments differ widely. Weener's corporate policy has always been attuned to these requirements.

Bottle Manufacturers

Weener and the suppliers of tubular components for various market segments share common target groups among their customer portfolios. Weener sees itself as a supplier of special PET and PP bottles, while also realizing collaborative projects with bottle manufacturers at customers requests. Our trust based cooperation with these partners guarantees the customer a cohesive service chain.

Packaging solutions based on the standard lines of the bottle manufacturers are completed by closures from Weener's standard line. This allows us to meet the demands of our market partners with diverse solutions. Comprehensive experience in the area of manufacturing processes ensures a high level of technical understanding.

Tube Closures

For many years, Weener has seen itself as a reliable partner of the tube industry and has manufactured tube closures with and without hinges at a variety of locations around the world.

Special attention is paid to the high demands on surface quality, dimensional stability and workability on our customers' tube manufacturing machinery.

For the bottling industry

Multi-national brand owners

Internationally active brand manufacturers with global product introductions have been among the target customers of the company since its founding. Quality standards, company structures and a long-term investment policy all support the demands of this customer group. Our success proves that we're on the right track.

In recent years, Weener has managed to continuously grow this customer base, both in growth markets and core markets of the respective societies. The ability to adapt to other cultures and conditions, as well as the successful establishment of a global key account management (sales and technology), are guarantors for continued success.

Local brand manufactures

Renowned suppliers of local brands from nearly every product field have been among the very first customers at each of our locations. Weener is always able to implement customer specific solutions and/or offer a suitable product from their comprehensive standard line.

Private label suppliers

From each of the Weener Group's locations, we deliver packaging for body care products, food products and household cleaning products. The growing global market for brand products is driven primarily by the needs and demands of this special market segment. Fast implementation of projects is especially important for our customers who bottle for food retailers and chain stores.