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    Carbios pursues its genuine revolution in the biorecycling of PET based plastics

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    Carbios, pioneer company in the field of bioplasturgy, announces new results in the optimization of its biorecycling process of waste PET plastics.

    The hydrolysis of PET plastics into their original building-blocks now reaches a conversion rate of 97% in only 16 hours.

    Last April, Carbios had already divided by three the time of PET hydrolysis by achieving a conversion rate of 97% in 24 hours. These new results confirm and strengthen the industrial competitiveness of Carbios enzymatic biorecycling process for the transformation of waste PET plastics into new virgin plastics.

    At a time when the largest global players have shown a strong commitment to incorporate up to 100% of postconsumer recycled plastics in their products by 2025, Carbios is at the forefront of meeting these ambitions and to engage a genuine revolution in the lifecycle of plastic products.

    By pursuing the optimization of its proprietary enzymes, with the teams of the Laboratory of Biological Systems and Process Engineering (LISBP) and Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB), Carbios reaches a unprecedent conversion rate in the enzymatic recycling of waste PET plastics.

    These results come along with the PET hydrolysis scale-up at pilot stage, which is now carried out in a reactor of 1,000 liters, in collaboration with CRITT Bio-Industries.

    Alain Marty, Chief Scientific Officer of Carbios comments:

    “Our solution will enable manufacturers to produce bottles and plastic packaging made at 100% from postconsumer recycled plastics. It is a real revolution that we are engaging with this biological pathway. Enzyme performance optimization is our core business and our latest generation of enzyme is even more active and thermostable. The kinetics reached will allow us to take another important step by developing a process with improved economic performance.“

    Martin Stephan, Deputy CEO of Carbios adds:

    “These developments are notable improvements. They reinforce the attractiveness of our technology in a market strongly in demand of eco-friendly solutions. Carbios now has all the strengths it needs to become a key player in the circular economy. We will be there to meet brand-owners sustainability commitments.“

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