Product Delivery System (PDS)

Available in a variety of constructions such as folded cards, magazine inserts, hang tags and labels containing actual product samples combined with leaflets, internet decoders or other promotional devices. Perfect for promoting new products and cross-branding existing products to boost sales. Visit our Product Delivery System page for more options.

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Expanded Content Labels (ECL)

Expanded Content Labels (ECL)

Expanded Content Labels are constructed as a multi-ply label or booklet label, which combines a pressure sensitive label and a folded or bound outsert. ECLs offer such benefits as increased space for instant redeem coupons, mail-in rebates, regulatory information, and cross-promotional literature. ECLs are adaptable to virtually any container, offer tamper-evident devices and reseal features for repeated reference, and are typically custom designed to meet the specific needs of a product. Visit our Expanded Content Labels page for more options.

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