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    Cosfibel Premium

    Cosfibel Premium

    Exclusive packaging for Cosmetics and Wine & Spirits. Cosfibel Premium creates, manufactures and delivers bags, set up boxes and POS, textile, jewels and accessories.

    A global expertise: design and conception, sourcing and production, logistics and merchandising


    A permanent creative committee, in-house design teams in Paris, New York, Barcelona and Sao Paulo and patented innovations. Our creative work is regularly rewarded by industry prizes.

    A worldwide presence

    Our offices around the world allow us to be close to our clients, while implementing a diversified and sustainable global sourcing strategy. 

    Ethical sourcing

    Our partners are rigorously screened for their ethical commitment and Fair Trade practices. Our CARES program works to improve conditions for vulnerable populations



    Ethical and social responsibility is at the heart of our development strategy.
    Because every individual has a right to take part in the global economy, Cosfibel Premium founded CARES®, Cosfibel Actions for Responsible and Ethical Sourcing. CARES is a novel program that favors diversity, solidarity and ethics within the company and in its external business affairs.


    • In China, to select companies that implement a fair trade policy and employ minorities and handicapped individuals for the long term.
    • To alert our partners to the importance of these practices, and provide training and aid when needed.
    • To manufacture «Cares Fair Trade» products, such as small leather items, accessories and paper goods. The products are designed by our creative committee in line with current trends and are manufactured according to Fair Trade regulations in India, Nepal and Brazil.

    This responsible strategy is certified and recognized.