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    Cosmogen releases new Roller-Tubes

    • Cosmogen

    Cosmogen, a French pioneer in the design and production of cosmetic brushes, accessories and packaging, has released an interesting new twist on traditional cosmetic tubes by including a dispenser that maximizes product coverage and hygiene, its new roller-tubes for cosmetic and personal care products.

    The new, small tubes are perfect for luxury or masstige creams, gels, oils, sera, or emollients that require precise, local application and small doses.  Rather than use a standard tube where the product is dispensed onto the fingers or where a subsidiary component like a spatula or brush is required, the roller-tubes feature small "roll-on" type dispenser heads that allow the consumer to simply glide the tip over the target area to dispense a small amount of product.  There's no contamination from directly touching the product (even clean hands can contaminate) or over-use of the product as the rollers dispense a limited quantity.  The tubes definitely stand apart from other similar products thanks to their transparency and design.  Three versions are available:

    • The standard Roller-Tube, with a diameter of 16mm or 19mm, mounted with either a stainless steel or ceramic ball, and
    • The more advanced Triball Tube, an ergonomic applicator with 3 smaller and independent balls, providing more product dispensing and broader surface coverage.

    All of the tubes can also be fitted with a valve to prevent the contamination of the formula in the tube, from air or humidity.

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    The new patented self-heating tube from Cosmogen has been designed to enhance the efficiency and comfort of cosmetic formulas when applying. The concept is simple - a tube within a tube. The inner tube is filled with a safe sodium acetate solution and then hermetically sealed. The outer tube is filled with the formula. Just break the seal to start the warming. Cosmogen's self-heating tube is perfect for facial formulas like masks, body oil and anti-wrinkle eye treatments as it adds an extra soothing experience to formulae.

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