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    Cosmogen is a French company pioneering in the design and the manufacturing of packaging and applicators for cosmetics.

    About us:

    Our expertise, acquired during the last 30 years (Cosmogen was created in 1982 by Gérard Gieux), allows us to offer a range of brushes, accessories and cosmetic packaging favoring the quality of application of formulas. With the support of our historic partners, we became an innovating actor for the major French and International cosmetic brands.

    Constant research on new concepts with many patents filed has strengthened our expertise and extended into powder dispensing systems and fluid bulk for make-up and skincare lines.

    Our turnover has increased by more than 40 % from 2009 to 2013 (that is a growth of 9 % a year over 4 years). It is the reflection of our strategy of specialization: we create added value on the cosmetic segment to the application of product.

    The constant improvement of the various techniques of application and preservation of the cosmetic formula is the heart of our business. Our technical teams adopted a steady rhythm of innovation and propose regularly coming up with new creations and new patents.

    We participate, with the marketing departments of our customers, in the development of specific solutions of application. The flexibility of our structure allows us to be particularly reactive and to quickly conceptualize the projects by reducing the cycle of development, from the project submission to the finalization of the industrial molds.

    The support of an extensive sales structure in Europe, United States, Brazil and China, strengthens our presence and closeness to key accounts, however globalized they are. We ship daily to every continent: Europe, America of the North and the South, and Asia.