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Cosmogen maintains a high technological level of innovation.

COSMOGEN continues its revolution in instrumental cosmetics. ATTRACT ONE EXPERT promises a a full care solution that combines the originality of the concept of ATTRACT launched by COSMOGEN in 2015, with an intelligent packaging and the expertise of the formula 

A lot of optimization compared to existing items on the market.

Multi Care
Multi technics
Multi feeling
Multi area
All formulas
All textures

Skin Care Expert
No formula contamination
Easy to clean

More Info:

More info:

Sensual beauty

ATTRACT ONE promises a sensory journey,
a unique cosmetic beauty experience

Intuitive beauty

ATTRACT ONE makes the gesture so simple and
natural, guided by balance and delicate sensations.

Efficient beauty

ATTRACT ONE reveals the unique technology
in the heart of instrumental cosmetics that multiplies the care and benefits of formulas.

Timeless Beauty

ATTRACT ONE provides the unconditional help of
a magicaland true accessory, easy to use in all circumstances.

Magnetic Beauty

ATTRACT ONE is the new age of an assertive beauty,
expressed by the radiance of the face and the sparkle in the eyes.

This customizable set contains 5 styled brushes with a patented tuft and its own unique attributes. The new patented beveled shape offers a large and supple tuft, which allows a new technique of application by tapping powders and foundation. BLUR brushes provide a better adhesion of product to the skin. Each one offers dual action applications: one large beveled tip for applying and shading off powder or eye shadow and one flat tip for reaching inaccessible areas such as the crease of the eye.

- 5 different types of brushes: Powder, Foundation, Concealer, Eye shadow, and Blending
- New technique of "tapping" instead of sweeping for better adhesion on the skin
- All brushes use patented tufts for a soft and luxurious feeling
- Beveled shape is great for large applications
- All brushes are customizable
- 100% animal-free fiber

This NAILART brush with its zigzag shape is a professional tool allowing an exact personalization of nails. Its cut tuft allows to create zigzag motives or to realize very easily several lines on the nail in a single stroke.

SILKNESS is a set of synthetic professional make-up brushes that is like no other. The hair is made of a high density silky synthetic fiber with a natural appearance. Its outstanding qualities adapt to many different types of makeup formula, allowing for a smooth pick up and flawless lay down.

With SILKNESS, COSMOGEN has designed and customized brushes for the SILKNESS line. Brushes can also be customized to your needs.

COSMOGEN designed this new squeeze?n big spatula which comes with a larger spatula to mix the formula before application .

The applicator has a large flexible head that will reach anywhere. The spatula is suitable for skincare (mask, specific treatment) and for make up (foundation, matifying cream?). Perfect for thick formulas.

Mixes the formula,
Precise application
The TPE spatula gives a soft feeling
Capacity from 30ml up to 50ml

Accompanying the SQUEEZE?N range, its patented open/close rotary head prevents contamination and preserves your care or hygienic formula

SQUEEZE'N COMB is a new applicator especially designed for haircare. 3 versions are available for applying hair products with natural finish without tracks.

1 version with Synthetic fiber for coloration or treatments
Brush applicator to lay down easily hair coloration on hair roots

2 versions with PE for highlights, treatments or roots rescue
Easy glide highlighter

1. Product dispensing at the base of head
Teeth applicator applies easily hair color without hang on hairs

2. Precise dispensing applicator by the 4 middle teeths
Teeth applicator adapted to avoid the contact with the scalp / Preserve the sensitive scalp of color

The SQUEEZE'N FLAT ROLLER was designed for anti-aging and firming the face. Its distribution system and ON / OFF system allows application of the formula with precision.

Its FLAT ROLLER applicator:
- Smoothes and stretches the skin,
- Breaks down fat cells with easy pressure,
- Tightens facial contours.
Stainless steel provides a cooling and refreshing effect. This applicator pack suggests a ritual that combines well-being and efficiency.
Like for the whole SQUEEZE'N range, its patented open/close rotary head prevents contamination and preserves your care or hygiene formula

Technical specifications:
Round tube Ø 30 mm: filling capacity: 30 to 70 ml
Mono or coex 5 layers (PE/EVOH) with a maximum of 30 % of PCR
Cap and applicator holder: PP
Applicator: stainless steel
Decoration: Offset (8 colors), Silk screening (7 colors), labeling, Hot stamping, UV Lacquering, UV metallization

TENSE is an original package designed for formulas that require an applicator with dual function:
- On one side, its fine and smooth spatula in PE applies and distributes the formula on the area to be treated with ultimate precision.
- On the other side, its 45° inclined zamac surface ensures the effectiveness of its application: it stimulates micro-circulation, tightens and smoothes the skin, lifts, mass and smoothes fine lines and facial micro-tensions. The dispensing of the formula is excellent and the cooling effect of zamac provides comfort and an enjoyable formula experience.

Suitable for Skincare: eye contour, lip contour, anti-wrinkles treatment, spot or D-scar treatment, lip balm

Technical specifications:
Diameter Ø19mm - Capacity 8 to 20 ml
Tube: mono or multilayer (PE / EVOH)
Decoration: Offset, screen, hot stamping, UV coating, shrink sleeve,metallization.
Zamac: Alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper, clean and recyclable.
PE: belong to the family of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE); recyclable.

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