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    Ergonomic and refillable: Cosmogen's Pump'n'Triball

    • Cosmogen

    Cosmogen, a French pioneer in the design and production of cosmetic brushes, accessories and packaging, has expanded upon its know-how with regard to cosmetic packaging and has released an interesting new twist on traditional cosmetic tubes.  The new packaging concept, the Pump'n'Triball, maximizes product coverage and hygiene, perfect for cosmetic and personal care products.

    In the same style as the company's popular Pump’n Tint product, Cosmogen has developed a highly luxurious applicator for skincare formulae.  The new Pump'n'Triball ensures a controlled dose and offers a new and eminently ergonomic application method: distribution through two independent balls that combine to give a cool, massaging effect while a superior ball (which can be ceramic or stainless steel) enhances the formula’s penetration by providing pen-tip precision.

    The ensemble is perfect for applying minuscule quantities of a product directly to a small area, such as blemishes, a wrinkles, or other defects.  Also, as the housing system accepts refills (in much the same way as many fountain pens do), environmental impact is lessened by providing one refillable dispenser that can be used over a long period of time.

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