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    Cosmogen introduces its Double Sculpt brush

    • Cosmogen

    The Double Sculpt brush uses a double dome feature to highlight and sculpt the natural contours of the face in one easy sweep. Each dome can be customized with different fiber materials. The Double Sculpt brush is available in 3 shapes: Round, square, and oval, as a kabuki or onto a handle.


    • Brush shape naturally matches the cheekbones for perfect contouring and shading
    • Top dome for clear powders or blushes
    • Lower dome for darker powders
    • Small handle for better accuracy
    • Ideal for sculpting powders

    Cosmogen is a French company created by Gerard GIEUX its major shareholder in 1982. As a pioneer in the design and production of brushes, accessories and packaging for the cosmetics industry, Cosmogen has a great expertise in developing application solutions for makeup, cosmetics powders and fluids. The specificity of its products lies in their multiple functions: hold, apply, and care.

    With its integrated design offices in France and China, Cosmogen adopts an innovative approach and offers standard or customized solutions to its customers. The company has experienced a continuing evolution of its turnover. For 2012 the turnover has reached approx 20 million Euros. The brand celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2012.

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