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    COSMOGEN's must for a new skin

    • Cosmogen

    Hygiene is at the heart of cosmetics and makeup. Therefore, COSMOGEN designed two ranges of tools to clean and revive skin: this is the key to a successful preparation before applying care and makeup formulas.

    A fully customizable range that adapts to skin types and expected results. 

    1. Scrubbing brush : complexion booster
    •  One side of brush for a gentle cleansing.
    • One side of silicon bristles to scrub and unclog the skin.

    Exfoliate the dead cells, improve the efficiency of next applied treatments and boost the complexion radiance.

    1. Full cleansing brush : deep cleansing
    • One side of brush for gentle daily cleansing, to use with cleansing gel.
    • One side is a sponge for weekly deep cleansing, to use with scrubbing gel with exfoliating beads. Pointed sponge shape so you can get into inaccessible areas. Other sponge shapes available.


    1. Stretching cleansing brush : relax and refresh
    • One side ‘’elastomer’’ to refresh and relax the skin or to apply product by smoothing.
    • One side of brush to clean the skin gently or to work in the formula previously applied. Different brush shapes available.

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    The new patented self-heating tube from Cosmogen has been designed to enhance the efficiency and comfort of cosmetic formulas when applying. The concept is simple - a tube within a tube. The inner tube is filled with a safe sodium acetate solution and then hermetically sealed. The outer tube is filled with the formula. Just break the seal to start the warming. Cosmogen's self-heating tube is perfect for facial formulas like masks, body oil and anti-wrinkle eye treatments as it adds an extra soothing experience to formulae.

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