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    Smart Silicone, by Cosmogen Twin spatula and mini applicators

    • Cosmogen

    Nothing stops Cosmogen in the innovation of new applicators made of a material that fits application for all styles. It also offers a pleasant soft touch, is easy to clean with no drying time, and works with 100% of the formula.

    Twin Spatula and a range of mini colored applicators complete the line of silicone brushes that creates the ability to work formulas, massage, sculpt and has a workable soft touch.

    The Twin Spatula is ingenious. It offers many possibilities of care rituals, whatever the action and the targeted area of the face. Its shape defines perfectly the face contours and adopts curves and hollows. It reaches the delicate areas around the eye, nose, and mouth with softness and accuracy, while adapting to wider areas. The application is fresh, and the formula can be worked with several times as part of sculpting or massaging treatments. It’s small integrated reserve allows to store the formula when removing it. Ideal to spread thick formulas such as a mask.

    The mini silicone applicators are compact and precise. They have been specially designed for the lips and eyes. Depending on the type of silicone -many qualities available - they fit to the viscosity of the formula and are particularly recommended for iridescent powders, gels or creams. They provide a pleasant soft touch effect, are easy to clean and dry easily.

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    Cosmogen designs the Squeeze'N Big spatula to apply formulas over large areas

    Cosmogen has designed the Squeeze'N Big spatula especially for applying apply formula over large areas of skin. Its applicator combines width with TPE properties that are close to rubber but with more rigidity. It retains flexibility whilst offering a soft and velvety feeling. The Squeeze'N Big spatula is the perfect tool for mixing and applying thick facial and body care formulas such as masks, specific treatments, foundations or day creams.

    Cosmogen's new self-heating tube

    The new patented self-heating tube from Cosmogen has been designed to enhance the efficiency and comfort of cosmetic formulas when applying. The concept is simple - a tube within a tube. The inner tube is filled with a safe sodium acetate solution and then hermetically sealed. The outer tube is filled with the formula. Just break the seal to start the warming. Cosmogen's self-heating tube is perfect for facial formulas like masks, body oil and anti-wrinkle eye treatments as it adds an extra soothing experience to formulae.

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