Cosmofarma Exhibition 2017


Cosmofarma Exhibition, the landmark trade fair for the pharmacy world organised by BolognaFiere, returns to Bologna from 5th-7th May 2017 following an extremely successful 20th anniversary celebration in 2016. 384 exhibiting companies from 20 countries attended the event, 1,059 brands were on display and 31,791 sector professionals from 54 countries took part, a 7% increase compared to the previous year.

With an excellent reputation built up over the years, Cosmofarma Exhibition is looking to the future with a spirit of initiative and a focus on innovation. “Look beyond. Driven by passion” will be the leitmotiv of the upcoming fair: looking to the future with professionalism and driven by passion to overcome the challenges posed by the market.

Roberto Valente, Director of Cosmofarma Exhibition, comments, “The passion within Cosmofarma is what makes this fair an unmissable event for the pharmacy world and everybody working in the sector. Our passion pushes us to be daring, even in our communication strategy. Our latest advertising campaign emphasises the importance of looking towards the future and embracing the research and innovation necessary for key players in the pharmacy universe to develop their own businesses.”


Once again Cosmofarma Exhibition will have four themed focus areas, identified through a survey of exhibiting companies and visitors, which will host in-depth explorations and relevant initiatives for the market: DIAGNOSTICS&PREVENTIONMANAGEMENT&DIGITAL, SKINCARE&TRICHOLOGY and NUTRITION&LIFESTYLE. 

In order to tackle the market’s day-to-day challenges for professionals in the pharmacy world, meeting people who have built a successful future by exploiting problems and listening to key players who have faced similar experiences can be a major incentive for pharmacists to achieve their personal goals. Cosmofarma Exhibition will be hosting the second edition of the Cosmofarma Business Conference in 2017, bringing influential figures to Bologna who constantly embody the importance of the “Look beyond. Driven by passion” tag line.

2017 also sees the return of the Start-Up Village, in partnership with Wellcare: an important showcase for start-ups and the products they have developed for the pharmacy world, with direct involvement from leading businesses in the sector.

Following the positive feedback last year on the innovative “Oltre la Cura” (“Beyond Care”) project, the revised format for 2017 offers an in-depth look into the specific training of pharmacists. A three-module course will explain the importance of establishing a relationship with customers/patients affected by chronic conditions and autoimmune diseases and undergoing invasive treatments in order to help them deal with the accompanying side effects. Particular attention will be paid to the right approach pharmacists can adopt to gain patient trust.

For the second consecutive year, the Paediatric Laboratory run by Susanna Messaggio will bring together paediatricians, nutritionists, pharmacists, specialist companies and journalists to address issues relating to children’s health.

The Cosmofarma Observatory, celebrating its fifth edition in 2017, will analyse subjects affecting the pharmaceutical market. Pharmacists and businesses will come together to develop an appropriate response to issues raised through the “consensus”.

Cosmofarma Exhibition will retain its focus on international development, with brand awareness initiatives planned in various European cities. Presentations and meetings with key players from the pharmaceutical sector will be organised in Birmingham, Monaco, Madrid and Paris, while in various Italian cities Cosmofarma will be promoting a road show addressing scientific issues which are particularly relevant to pharmacists.



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