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Ecobliss expertly and successfully guides and executes the packaging processes of companies of all sizes throughout the world. With comprehensive supporting services, we provide an integrated approach to both traditional and innovative packaging projects. We do this using our three-step business model of Development, Realisation and Implementation.

Global leader in blister and high-visibility packaging.

Ecobliss, a global leader in blister and high-visibility packaging, is a privately held company with some 300 staff, and a growing international network of business partners. Ecobliss enjoys and passionately supports a culture of innovation and efficiency. Our staff is eager to work with you, whether you are a seasoned professional, or a complete novice to the world of packaging. Long-lasting relationships, inspired solutions, professional reliability and commitment are hallmarks of how we like to operate.

At Ecobliss you will find everything you need, including our drive to jointly develop, realise and implement the best possible, integrated packaging solutions for you.

Innovation. From the start.

In 1995 Ron Linssen, the founder of Ecobliss, developed, together with Professor G. Wouters, a new, innovative cold sealing technology for blister packaging. Since the introduction of this new, ecofriendly sealing technology, customers from many industries have changed their packaging to this simple, environmentally friendly and cost-effective method of packaging.

New technologies, products and services.

Through the success of cold seal packaging, Ecobliss has become a known name in the market. During many years of successfully growing our cold seal technology we expanded our expertise with many new technologies, products and services. Slowly but surely Ecobliss has become synonymous with know-how and innovation in the specialised field of blister and high-visibility packaging. With many years of experience in development, design, production and logistics, Ecobliss is, today recognised to be the Smart Source for the entire scope of blister and high-visibility packaging.