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    Our knowledgeable sales staff, armed with direct access to over 500 manufacturers of packaging components in glass, plastic, metal and flexible alternatives, are able to provide competitive pricing and hands-on customer service every step of the way.

    Make us your supply partner for all your packaging needs from stock bottles and closures to custom designed containers and caps, jars and packages including glass bottles, plastic bottles, custom molds, plastic injection molding and decoration. EmpireEMCO takes pride in providing exceptional customer care, high quality products and superior service.


    Our approach working with customers regarding innovation, is to aid in Forming Solutions and Shaping Innovationtm.

    We view ourselves as more than suppliers of traditional packaging. We embrace collaborative partnerships with innovative packaging opportunities, from break through non-traditional packaging to standard ridged bottles and closure systems. EmpireEMCO creates innovative and dynamic opportunities to improve the consumer's relationship with packaging.

    Product innovation, is therefore key to our success, and part of our business culture. We recognize open innovation and have established an in-house Innovation Team that effectively uses a systematic approach in developing ideas and concepts.

    Innovations are developed collaboratively with our customers providing them with marketing advantages and thereby creating value.

    We recognize that no business operates in a vacuum. Every manager, employee, vendor, potentially has a piece of the puzzle to create new breakthrough packaging opportunities. Together, supply partners, distributors and customers are an equally valuable source of information and ideas.

    Results will emerge to drive new sources of energy and creativity that sustain and grow the culture of innovation.