Mikado air freshener: the trend that’s here to stay

Mikado is an ancient Japanese word that means ‘exalted gate’. Emperors of days gone by were referred to with this title as a means of paying respect. Although we still use this term for other things, it has not been used to refer to the Emperor of Japan for a long time. Nevertheless, the word Mikado was chosen as the name for the famous pick-up sticks game which originated in China and subsequently became very popular in Japan.

Why was it given the name Mikado? This word referred to the black stick, which was usually the one associated with that of the emperor. Nowadays, the name for this game of concentration has taken on a very different meaning as a result of its highly distinctive look due to the beauty of the random patterns of the sticks as well as their bright colours. It is now quite common to use this word to refer to aroma diffusers, reed diffusers or Mikado air fresheners.

An ‘exalted gate’ to the best aromas

Many years have gone by since incense became fashionable in the Far East for filling the rooms of palaces and temples with heady fragrances. And in this time, fashions have come and gone, changing with every turn of the century. For example, in the 18th century, King Louis XIV was a pioneer in using vaporisers with floral essences such as orange blossom or bowls with perfumes that his attendants placed throughout the palace. By doing so, he was trying to make sure that the rooms of Versailles were scented, as the hygienic conditions of the time clearly left a great deal of room for improvement.

As time went by, people came up with different ways of achieving the same goal with much greater efficiency and cleanliness. Nowadays, for example, Mikado air fresheners are extremely popular in homes, offices and a multitude of other spaces, providing fragrances that promote a range of effects such as concentration, relaxation and much more.

What is best about Mikado air fresheners?

The mixture of materials with the glass and the wood of the sticks, the shapes and sleek lines of the bottle, the chance to refill it whenever necessary and even to replace the aromas to suit the moment, space, purpose or personal preference.

Fragrances that take centre stage, offering woody, citrus, floral or herbaceous aromas. Mikado air fresheners are brimming with possibilities.

Take a look at the estal Magister collection of Mikado air fresheners for more inspiration. The Magister collection for home fragrances offers a classic contemporary design, in tones and materials that will fit perfectly with your brand and give added value to your products.

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