Cosmetic Palette with Magnetic Closure in Travel Size

Very recently, GCC Packaging introduced several Popular Large Make-up Palettes, and received high praise. GCC continues and follows the trendy requests to bring more palm-sized palettes with magnetic closure.

Luxury Rectangle — 85×112 mm & 70X128mm (From left to right)


  • Size: H13.9 W70.1 L128.75
  • Inner: W25.9 L17.3×12
  • Material: ABS+AS


  • Size: H14.4 W85.4 L112.4
  • Inner: Φ26×6
  • Material: ABS+AS


  • Size: H14.4 W85.4 L112.4
  • Inner: Φ27×6
  • Material: ABS+AS

Classic Square — 77×77 mm (From left to right)


  • Size: H14.4 W76.6 L79
  • Inner: W19 L20x9
  • Material: ABS+AS


  • Size: H14.4 W76.6 L79
  • Inner: Φ59.7
  • Material: ABS+AS

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Airless packaging has become a necessity for sensitive formulations, with a particular focus on the skincare, cosmetic, and personal healthcare industries. Airless pump bottles protect sensitive products by preventing them from excessive exposure to air, thus increasing product shelf life up to 15%. GCC PKG has just released an airless pump series featuring a double-wall bottle. The elegant double wall bottle shape provides more options to choose from and can be enhanced with a variety of decoration techniques.

Hey you, kiss me!

With a bit more of a health-infused look, lip oil has become a new must-have makeup product. Without annoying hair-trapping stickiness of a lip-gloss, the oil-based lip treatment helps to encourage lips to shine from inner and keep moisturized. Now you can snag lip oils with subtle tints, packed with pearlescent pigments and filled to bursting with nourishing ingredients to bring out the natural makeup. As far as packaging goes for lip oil, GCC PKG’s Hey You, Kiss Me Lip Oil is the focus.

Velvet Dreams: Eye-catching glass bottles for better differentiation

The glass Bottle, reflecting a demure fashion is an eye-catching design for better product differentiation. It is the top choice among a subset of premium beauty players who prioritize reusable, recyclable packaging because it is 100% recyclable. Manufacturers are now gravitating towards glass bottles as primary packaging for premium skincare packs, particularly moisturizers in oil and serum format. In addition to eye-catching, stylish glass bottles, GCC PKG offers velvet touch applicators for a luxury touch.

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