Gerresheimer presents new German-made COP syringe: Gx RTF ClearJect

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New at MD&M East: Gx RTF ClearJect

Gerresheimer already offers a range of ready-to-fill COP syringes manufactured by its longstanding partner, Taisei Medical Co. Ltd., in Japan. In this partnership, Gerresheimer’s role is to market the ClearJect syringes and provide technical support to customers in Europe and America. Now the company has extended its COP syringe portfolio by combining its glass RTF (ready-to-fill) concept with ClearJect to create the new Gx RTF ClearJect brand. The new syringe will be manufactured at the Gerresheimer Medical Systems plant in Germany in close collaboration with the Japanese partner. The first Gx RTF ClearJect product to be manufactured is the 1 ml long syringe with staked in needle.

The application of a concept to create the entire innovative COP syringe out of standard components ensures its cost-efficiency. It has standard needles, plungers, plunger heads, backstops and closures.

Another key argument in favor of the Gx RTF ClearJect syringe with needle is excellent user safety. COP is extremely break resistant, and therefore an excellent choice as a packaging material for aggressive or toxic active ingredients. Compared to the similar material COC (Cyclo-Olefin-Copolymer), COP has superior tensile strength, tensile stretch, bending strength and impact resistance, and it is these better mechanical properties that persuaded Gerresheimer to choose COP as the material for the new syringe. Dimensioning and siliconization precision ensure reliable syringe function, low break loose and glide forces and an easy-to-remove needle guard. These syringes are also ideal for auto-injectors as a result of their robust design and precise geometry.

Duma Twist-Off Protect – high reliability for sensitive drugs

The most recent development in the globally successful Duma product family is the Duma Twist-Off Protect. It is an innovative multilayer plastic container with significantly improved protection of sensitive drugs against water vapor and oxygen. It is the first plastic container with a multilayer structure manufactured in an injection blow molding process. 

MultiShell vials – transparent and safe

The Gerresheimer MultiShell vial proves that excellent barrier properties and glass-like transparency can be combined in one single product. It protects its content by way of a sandwich or multilayer structure composed of cyclic olefin polymer plus a polyamide layer as an oxygen barrier. This protects sensitive pharmaceuticals against oxidation and moisture vapor, and the polyamide oxygen barrier increases their shelf life. Gerresheimer has installed a commercial production line to manufacture vials in the sizes of 2, 5, 10, 15, 50 and 100ml. A multifunctional, automated packaging line has also been installed to enable the packaging of different sized vials in bulkware or ready-to-use format.

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