Oval-shaped, bottom filling sticks with a 40cc capacity.



Reference - Main
Packaging TypeStick Containers
Packaging Sub-TypeStick Containers - Top Fill
Market - MajorBeauty, Personal Care
Market - SegmentCosmetics. Personal Care
Market - End UseFace. Facial Care. Skin Care


Shape - Top DownCross Section Oval


Volume - Nominal40 cc
Volume Range10 - 99.99 ml


Height117 mm
Larger Side/Smaller Side

Stick Attributes

Top filling straight cut
6 slits

Cap, Closure & Seal Attributes

Cap TypeFlat (Domed Edge)
Smooth CapYes
Smooth Cap (Smooth body)Yes
In-mould matt finished cap (Satin Cap)Yes
In-mould matt finished cap (Satin Body)Yes

Induplast Specific Details

Optional Feature 1
removable adhesive label applied on the grill


Manufactured AtInduplast

Induplast's S453 and S454 Slimmy sticks are oval-shaped, bottom filling sticks with a 40cc or 50cc capacity. The product's dimensions are the same as the other Slimmy stick models, but this stick has been especially designed for medium-thick products benefiting from a number of lengthy slots to ensure easy and effective product application — hide the product's overcap and take a look!

Thanks to its ergonomic design and elegant linesSlimmy is one of the most appreciated stick containers of InduPlast Packaging Group’s catalogue.

Available in 40cc and 50cc sizes, the top-fill oval stick is ideal for cream and gel formulas, and it can be customized with any of our four grids.

Different grids are available to perfectly cater to your specific formula consistency, thanks to different design openings, such as shapes and sizes. The grids help regulate the dispensing dosage of the product that needs to be applied directly to the body. This makes Slimmy stick container extremely handy and functional.

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