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We provide packaging & filling in all facets of the beauty industry; from natural skincare to mass, from luxury to value….so come and create a brand with us!

Our facility and equipment allow for high-volume filling of a multitude of product in tubes, bottles, jars and pots, airless pumps, regular and slim-sized lipstick cases, and so much more. KBL Cosmetics is an industry leader in Contract Manufacturing and Private Label for personal care/cosmetic items.

We have Nine (9) permanent filling lines plus two (2) portable lines including variety of recirculating pressure fillers, automatic/semiautomatic piston fillers, and multiple tube sealers, hot fills, induction sealing, shrink wrap and tampered proof sealing: bottom coding, automatic crappers, automatic labelling equipment and automatic carton sealers.

Our supply of consistent, high-quality consumable products is supported by our Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Our QC and QA work together to ensure that our products undergo the stringent process of product testing and continued monitoring of material stability, and eliminate any defects during production. Our brand portfolio consists of the biggest makeup brands and personal care brands on the market today along with emerging indie brands….so come and create a brand with us!

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