Lameplast's new entry for winter 2018: Pentafill A25, the latest sterile filling technology and innovation

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Increasingly dedicated and appealing products, increasingly diversified services. Lameplast is the corporate embodiment of the single-dose units. Not only can Lameplast boast an original pack, then, but also innovative filling, now specifically conceived for sterile filling.

Top of the range is the brand-new model Pentafill A25 that will be presented in November 2017 during Andina Pack, Colombia and PMEC India exhibitions.

Pentafill A25 is an automatic filling and sealing machine specifically designed to work in a sterile environment, capable of processing single-dose capacities from 0.3 ml to 10 ml for medium production runs. Versatility is a key feature of this machine, as matter of fact it can be easily connected to any existing packaging line. Moreover, it is suitable for small rooms and very easy to maintain. It could incorporate a laminar flow system to ensure sterile filling during operation, as in the new Pentafill A15L, launched in October 2017.

The Group can today offer its customers seven types of semi-automatic or automatic single-dose units filling and sealing machines, ideal for small and medium productions. All seven models are available in a standard version but may also be adapted and customised as desired.

Thanks to its high technological know-how and the possibility of tailor-made solutions, Lameplast can satisfy the needs of demanding customers worldwide.

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On Friday 27 May, Lameplast celebrated its first 40 years with a big event attended by its founding partners – Giovanni Ferrari, Evro Fabbri and Antonio Fontana –, the authorities, employees and a number of international clients at its headquarters in Rovereto sulla Secchia. The event was an opportunity to remember the birth of the company, an experience that, thanks to the entrepreneurship of its founding partners, Giovanni Ferrari, Evro Fabbri and Antonio Fontana, has led to the innovation and excellence of Made in Italy around the world.

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