Libo expands doe-foot applicator range

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Libo offers a variety of doe-foot applicators that serve different cosmetic functions such as firm application, even application and flexibility. The different shapes of the doe-foot applicator can help highlight and enhance your lips' natural features and there are even applicator options that are designed to hold more product.

Libo has recently added 3 more options to its doe-foot applicator range. Two thinner applicator brushes have been included, one that comes to a pointed edge and the other to a more rounded spatula form, both allowing for a more intricate application. The third is a distinctive loop shape that is designed to hold even more product in one swipe.

These applicators are also suitable for concealer, brows and a wide list of lip care products. 

See the full collection of doe-foot applicators here.

Libo offers a range of decoration options for brands, and all processing can be done in-house, whether silk screening, hot stamping, metallization or other decoration choices.

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