Libo Cosmetics designs new sustainable cosmetic packaging using LIMEX

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Introducing Limex, a sustainable material that can replace plastic!

Libo Cosmetics is designing new sustainable cosmetics packaging with the innovative material LIMEX.

Limex is a sustainable material mainly made with limestone, one of the most abundant materials worldwide. It is supposed to be a resource with a very low risk of depletion in comparison to oil, water and forest resources. The product can be manufactured with almost no use of water or forest; hence it can be produced sustainably.  

3 key factors that set Limex apart from other materials!

  1. Reduce Co2 emissions by about 50 times compared to petroleum-based resins.
  2. Excellent supply stability and is inexpensive
  3. More stable than products such as plastic and rubber. 

Stay tuned to see how Libo Cosmetics utilizes this innovative material to produce even more unique designs for cosmetic packaging. 

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