Refillable Ranges at Lombardi

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Lombardi Design and Manufacturing provides the cosmetic and personal care market with a wide range of refillable solutions including Airless Packs, Jars and even Lipsticks. There are multiple styles of airless bottles and jars, each using different innovative designs to provide refillable options. Refillable options are in high demand as a sustainable solution, as it saves overall cost and impact on the environment.

Refillable Jars

There is more than one style of refillable jar at Lombardi, so you will be assured there is a style to suit your needs. The Refillable Cream Jar range can be completed in PCR, making the jar an even more eco-friendly choice. It has a handy inner tub that can easily be removed by the consumer as and when needed, with attractive finishes on the outer jar.   In addition, you can find the Double Walled Jar, where the inner tub can be popped out simply by pushing the base of the pack.

Lombardi goes one step further with its Refillable Airless Jar meaning that products can still benefit from more active ingredients and a quality look, while having refillable options available.

Refillable Ranges at Lombardi

Refillable Airless Bottle Packs

Lombardi presents multiple types of refillable airless bottles in various designs and even with different refillable mechanisms. The Refillable Airless Packs use PP and PCR to create a clean and simple look, ideal for skincare products. This 100ml Refillable Pack has been designed so that by twisting the base and pulling off the top bottle, the inner bottle can be replenished.

These 30 ml and 50 ml Airless Packs use an entirely different method, whereby the user can unscrew the top, separating the pump head from the main bottle, to reveal the inner bottle that can be removed and replaced.

Refillable Ranges at Lombardi

Refillable Lipsticks

Another eco-conscious refillable solution can be found with Lombardi’s Refillable Lipstick which uses PET PCR material. This material allows for bright vibrant color choices and branding decoration. Holding a capacity of 4.5g, the refillable lipstick can become a makeup bag essential, staying at home and topped up when needed.  

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