Luxe Pack Shanghai Turbo Talks 2016

In "2 minutes-flat", discover latest innovations and know-how from exhibitors: a very active and dynamic moment of the show with quick pitches live.

Detailed programme available from mid-March.
Check the schedule ahead of time and add sessions to your agenda, so you don't miss anything!

Luxe Pack Turbo Talks will be moderated by Webpackaging.

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Bring your ideas to life with 200 top manufacturers: as an essential business hub, LUXE PACK SHANGHAI selects leading experts in packaging and provides you with exclusive and forward-looking information..

10.05am - 10.07am Viva Healthcare
  Tube Revolution - The Latest Added Values in Injection-Molded Tubes
10.09am - 10.11am Favini
  Upcycling: Cases in the History of Paper Industry
10.13am - 10.15am Leading Tech
  Specialized Solutions of Post Printing Surface Treatment
10.17am - 10.19am ADA Packaging
  Luxury Shall Lead the Actions to Protect the Environment
10.21am - 10.23am UDN Packaging Corp.
  Smart Active Tube Packaging
10.25am - 10.27am CymMetrik
  Uni-Code for Each Item, Internet of Everything, Building New Channel Between Brand and Consumers.
10.29am - 10.31am  Caidi Packaging
  When Diamonds Inspire a Jewel Box
10.33am - 10.35am Euro Cosmetic Asia
  3D engraving with KAFUKA Patented Technology
10.37am - 10.39am HJ Promotions
  Bottle Glorifier: How to Make Your Bottle Stand out from the Crowd
10.41am - 10.43am Lanbiyuan
  Explore the Emotional Expression of "Paper"
10.45am - 10.47am Giftown
  Guerlain, History of the Black Dress Jewel Case
10.49am - 10.51am Seram Asia
  Connected Accessories with Interactive Message Ornaments
10.53am - 10.55am  Huayan Digital
  Package Proofing and Personalized Package Printing
10.57am - 10.59am GMG Color
  How Brand Color Management Runs Through the Production Process
11.01am - 11.03am Goodgifts
  A Brief Talk of Brand Derivative from Starbucks Christmas Music Box
11.05am - 11.07am Giftown
  Dramatically Different Moisturing Lotion Package & Derivative Jewel Case, Give New Life to Your Package
11.09am - 11.11am Wing Shing Packaging
  How a Customized Design Worked out through Flexible Structure and Finishing



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